The ALX is many devices rolled into one, and this is no accident. Alsim's development process is designed on an open platform, giving it the flexibility to evolve and branch out from the original from 2008. The Alsim R&D team works hand in hand with service teams and customers to bring about a non-stop evolution of training features. The result is software and hardware that keeps pace with real-world evolutions and allows you to easily retrofit your virtual fleet.

select which flight models suit your training scenarios.

With the ALSIM ALX you can add up to 10 different flight model configurations to your training cycle. From Single Engine Piston with Analog & Glass over Multi Engine Piston, Light Turboprop and Light Jet as well as Light Jet and Medium Jet.

Technical highlights

  • Instrument panel with a large number of displays, from simple analog to a complex glass configuration, easily changeable on the fly by the instructor.
  • Multi Control Panel (MCP) for the advanced autopilot, flight director and yaw damper. Featuring basic modes (ROLL, HDG, PITCH, VS, IAS ,ALT, ALT CHG) and advanced modes (APPR, NAV, VNAV, LNAV)
  • Control loaded yoke for elevator and aileron flight controls. Also provides useful functions such as electrical pitch trim, chrono timer, push-to-talk, autopilot and flight director disconnection.
  • ALSIM avionics / GTN650 - dual GPS. Standard: generic COM/NAV/GPS receivers with moving map display. A navigation database is included to perform VLOC/GPS navigation, flight plans and procedures. (optional: genuine GARMIN GTN650 units)
  • Quick-change power quadrant with up to 3 configurations available. They can be switched simply within a few minutes.
  • Dual FMS: generic FMC with MCDU allows the user to predict and manage flight lateral/vertical navigation according to environmental conditions and aircraft performance & limitations.
  • Overhead including controllers for aircraft systems such as anti-ice, engines, fuel, oxygen, fire protection, cabin pressurization and so on. All mandatory aircraft systems for normal, abnormal and emergency procedures are integrated.
  • Breaker panel, fully functional with 47 breakers for every aircraft system. System failures including breakers can be triggered on the IOS.
  • Clipboard and (spring-loaded) tablet holders
  • Integrated cabin smoke machine including two oxygen masks, allowing the instructor to simulate incidents involving smoke (required for MCC) 
  • Nose wheel steering provides nose wheel directional control on the ground for medium turboprop and medium jet. The landing gear control unit computes nose wheel deflection based on the aircraft's taxiing speed.